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Resume Preparation



  1. No more than 2 pages if possible
  2. Always start with most recent job
  3. Most Important: “Skills & Qualifications”
  4. Recognition Approach
  5. So What Approach

Six Serious Resume Blunders

  1. Forgetting the employer
  2. Not using keywords
  3. Using an objective instead of a career summary
  4. Not proofreading
  5. Lying
  6. Not keeping up appearance (ie. dirty or folded resume)

The Recognition Approach

Make a list of times or events when you were recognized or acknowledged


  1. Promotions
  2. Positive performance reviews
  3. Company Awards, bonuses
  4. Honor for participating on a specific event at work or in your community

So What Approach

  1. List, not just what you did, but why it matters and the results
  2. Example: “I was responsible for producing monthly reports”
    What Reports, why were they important, SEC reports, Q1, VP Reports?
    Meet deadlines? Were they Accurate? Etc…



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