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Interview Preparation


Do your Homework:

  1. On the company
  2. On the position

The “Do’s During the Interview:

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early
  2. Address person by their last name
  3. Use a smile and a firm hand shake
  4. Stress your achievements/accomplishments
  5. Answer to the point, don’t ramble, stay focused
  6. Explain what you can bring to the table, why to hire you!
  7. Be Honest. Honesty, Honesty, Honesty!!!!!

The “Don’ts” During the Interview

  1. Smoke or eat before
  2. Chew gum
  3. Answer your cell (Turn it off!)
  4. Look at the time
  5. Interrupt
  6. Talk negative about previous employers
  7. Discuss salary on the initial interview

Tips for a successful Interview

  • The objective of the interview is to get an offer. This is where you sell yourself and your qualifications to the company. Getting the offer is foremost; you can always turn down an offer. (Remember: Turn it down to us, not the company.)
  • Appearance is important. In addition to being clean and neat, suitable business attire is essential.
  • For the most professional appearance, the best option for both men and women is always a suit. Men must wear a tie. Hair should be out of the face and conservatively styled, makeup light and professional.
  • Make sure to bring a folder with several resumes with you.
  • Be 15 minutes early for the appointment. If you have to wait, wait patiently, and make positive chit-chat with the receptionist. Complete any paperwork thoroughly and neatly (never say “see resume”).
  • Stand up and greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile.
  • Don’t fidget, be professional and maintain a smile.
  • Speak clearly and positively.
  • Always look directly at the person who is talking to you. (If you find it too difficult to maintain direct eye contact, try looking at the end of her nose-she will never know the difference!)
  • Don’t smoke; eat or drink even if offered (the exception would be water, if you need it).
  • Hold up your end of the conversation and think before you speak.
  • Do not bring up salary, vacations, bonuses, retirement, benefits, etc. If the company is interested in you, they will tell you.
  • Ask intelligent questions about the company, your duties, and what you can look forward to in the future.
  • Ask for the job! This is the most important part of the interview. Even if hesitant, never flatly refuse the position. Leave the door open; you may change your mind.
  • Thank your interviewer for their time. Ask them if you need to meet with anyone else/when will they be making a decision/how many others they need to see/when will you hear from them.
  • Last question:

“When do I start?” (With enthusiasm.)

  • Since we are your consultants, report to us immediately after the interview. Call us from the nearest phone after leaving the employer’s office.  The client is waiting for us to pass on your feedback.
  • Sell yourself-you are special!


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