"the human approach to staffing"

Our Philosophy


Who Are We?

We are a 100% Female and Minority owned company. What relevance does this have to you? Essentially, we are the ideal staffing solution for the Bay Area. Diverse and varied in our backgrounds, we are ready to fulfill your staffing needs with a commitment to ensuring diversity in the workplace via our offering equal opportunities to all.

What overall philosophy do we operate by?

We are a boutique agency focused on providing an unmatched level of quality. The skilled, dedicated employees here at Strategic Staffing direct us toward finding the highest quality of candidates. In turn, we place these top-notch candidates within the workforces of our select clients to foster a professional growth and development of the highest caliber. We carry out this cycle of superior company growth by utilizing what we have come to call The Human Approach to Staffing.

Our goal is to successfully match the values of a company with those of a qualified candidate. What are the key motivating factors driving both company and candidate? Will they match up wonderfully and simultaneously complement one another for the long-term? Those are big questions, and therein lies a big responsibility. It is exactly that responsibility, that challenge to succeed, upon which all of us here at Strategic Staffing thrive.

What vision do we have for the future of Strategic Staffing?

Strategic Staffing’s long-term goals echo reminiscent of the motivation that drives each of us daily: Over-provide for our clients and exceed expectations. We do not strive to work with every company in town. Instead, we value superior relationships with a select few. Periodically, our team will meet to take a step back and look at the long-term. A uniquely motivating, and whole-heartedly satisfying, sentiment is inevitably shared as we look back at our clients, our companies, to review the ways in which we have helped them grow and develop.

How do we categorize or position ourselves in today’s competitive staffing environment?

Strategic Staffing is an Award-Winning Bay Area staffing agency offering a full range of permanent, contract, and temporary employment solutions. We specialize in the recruitment of each administrative, clerical, technical, accounting/financial, HR, legal, and light industrial employees. A distinct, well-developed focus upon each of these diverse industries ensures expertise in searching out the best talent. We offer relief from all human resource needs and are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We go a step further than matching a skillset on a resume to that on a job description. We take the time to find out what a candidate values in not only her job, but also in her life on a more fundamental basis. What makes this person happy/excited/enthusiastic/overwhelmed/anxious? There are a lot of pieces to consider when trying to match a person to an available position in a company; especially when considering that ones job is often the most influential and occupying facet of ones life.



"I found their insight extremely useful in various areas such as resume content and design, my interview, and temp-to-perm assignment transition."
Katherine F.


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