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Our IT Commitment


Our Range

We are a full-service staffing agency with a very specialized technical staffing division that has worked with Enterprise accounts in diverse industries, including financial, academia, bio-tech, technology, security and others ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

We have filled the following specialties for enterprise accounts:

•Software Engineer
•Project Management
•Data Warehousing
•Solutions Architect
•Business Intelligence
•ERP/CRM Solutions
•Systems Programming
•Web Development/Web Integration
•Quality Assurance
•Information Security
•Professional Services
•Management Consulting

The Magic Rubs Off

Located thirty miles north of the world’s most exciting technology brain trust, we at Strategic Staffing know this culture so well that we are able to answer your hi-tech demands instantly. The magic rubs off, and we take full advantage of our proximity to mine local resources to find the best and the brightest engineers and hi-tech specialists to fit your exact needs.

We Anticipate

We never stop learning, and we fully grasp and understand the hi-tech world and its patterns and cycles. The fast-paced growth of new technology requirements keeps our local businesses on the cutting edge of their industries. We aim to ensure your success by anticipating your requirements so that you are never caught off-balance.

Expertise and Connections

Our seasoned recruiters have worked in the information technology world for over twenty years each, and have developed invaluable senior-level contacts (i.e. vice-presidents, managers) in this specialty. Their breadth of familiarization with the riveting hi-tech community enables them to locate key competitive individuals at a moment’s notice. Because we know our available resources, we are never caught unprepared, and we make sure our clients have a bank of competitive candidates to choose from.

We know there will always be newer requirements in latest developments. Our Information Technology Division grows with our clients.



"You guys have been so much help to me."
Brett M.


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